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Peterson Stoop’s products are all designed and manufactured in the capital of The Netherlands; in the heart of the city of Amsterdam. The production is done in Peterson Stoop's in-house factory, under proper working conditions. All toxic materials traditionally used in footwear production have been replaced for their least intrusive alternative. Instead of using synthetic glues to attach the soles, they have opted for water based glues combined with a blake stitch, which half inch stitches decorate the outer soles of the shoes. 

All leather used in Peterson Stoop’s 360° collection is vegetable tanned. This leather is created by using tannins and ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit and roots. Vegetable tanned leather is a classic and durable leather, that will form to the wearers foot. When in use the naked leathers will darken and develop a patina, due to general wear and exposure to sunlight. The grayscale leathers are coloured with vinegaroon, a simple mixture of iron and vinegar that is left to ripen from a few weeks to several years. When the leather is dipped in the vinegaroon, the tannins in the leather react to the solution, causing the leather to turn a solid black. The resulting colour is permanent and will not rub-off nor transfer to clothing. The metalic finishes are created with eco-flo waterbased leather paint. All leathers and finishes have been developed to evolve and change with use, this will be a unique process defined by the shoes wearer.


All materials have been selected carefully, focusing on materials that are as environmentally and socially responsible as Peterson Stoop currently can manage to find. Therefore the designers make use of wood and natural crepe for the shoes wedges. Where possible the materials are purchased locally to reduce transportation costs and emissions. 

To cut back on waste Peterson Stoop only uses recycled materials for packaging. Therefore packaging will differ from product to product.