BESPOKE - Wavey on your own shoes



For this product you provide your own shoes (any style they can be vintage or new Nike, Converse, Adidas, Vans etc) send them to us, and we will remaster the sole and send them back to you.

Peterson Stoop
Van Diemenstraat 410 unit 2.14

What do you get?

- Your very own hand made re-mastered sneakers
- Wavy asymmectical storm welt (left and right are different!)
- Vegetan leather storm welt
- Rubber sole
- Polaroid of your soles being ripped off
- Recycled dust bag

This product is made to order, delivery date will be confirmed once we receive your shoes at our studio, please account for one month (due to high demand).

Please note: Shipping costs will be added at checkout. After remastering, the shoe will feel different on your feet, an air filled sole has much more bounce than a leather and cork sole. Because this product is made especially for you, we cannot accept any returns, when there are no production faults. The shipping costs are non refundable and return shipping costs are paid for by customer.